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Mazzawi is proud of its staff of professionals leaders who have extensive experience in marketing and advertising, can work united, in harmony and together for a mutual purpose



Fadoul Mazzawi

Founder & Creative Strategist


Suzan Mazzawi

CEO - Public figure

He began his career as a creative director and has received international awards in visual communication and calligraphy.

He was a lecturer for creative and visual communication and a visiting lecturer in penetration to niche markets. Since he established Mazzawi in 1995 and up-to-date, he has been passionate to meet the strategy with the right creative solutions to win the clients' target audience.

She believes Everything is possible. She started her career as a well-known singer since she was 11 years old, studied chemistry and then communication and in parallel, she was a TV and Radio broadcaster for 16 years. Suzan joined Mazzawi in 2009 to manage the PR department. In 2017, she was appointed as the CEO of the Mazzawi advertising agency on Women's Day.


Ramez Salem

Digital Manager

rawiya a.jpg

Rawiya Abu Hanna

Executive client manager

He studied business administration and joined the digital department of Mazzawi with a high passion for digital and computers.

During his career in Mazzawi, he took part in developing platforms, sophisticated digital solutions for precise targeting and online dashboards to maximise the ROI for each client. in 2018, he was appointed as the digital dept. manager

She started her career in Mazzawi since it was established in 1995 and had broad experience working in the communication field. She gained experience working with the most prominent companies and international brands, understanding the whole process, targeting audiences, cracking briefs, and striving for the best solutions for the best results.


Raghed Geraisy

VP clients manager

He grew up in the field of advertising and marketing, studied marketing and communication and joined Mazzawi in 2005 and started as an account manager, giving professional advertising services to the leader and international brands and institutions. later on, he was appointed as a supervisor and then as a VP clients manager.


Anan Salamneh


After his studies in the Technion, he joined the Agency as an account manager. During his work, he was passionate about the work in the strategy unit and later on, he took part as a member of the planning team besides his daily work as a clients' director. In 2021 was appointed as a planner. Anan insisted on continuing serving as a supervisor at least for one key clients.


Mervat Ashkar

PR Manager

After a successful career in journalism, teaching communication and a career in singing, she joined the PR department at Mazzawi. All the way, she was aware of the changing needs of producing content, delivering information differently and creatively to lead brands and institutions in public relations. In 2019, she was appointed to manage the public relations and WOM department. 



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